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2017-2018 Available Presentations

"Thank You" to those who participated in the 1st Annual Staff Development Day on Wednesday, May 23rd.  Please find below a few presenations that have been made available for the campus community:

Rethinking Stress:  Transforming the Stress of Daily Hassles, Adversity and Job Burnout into Health and High Performance.
by:  David Horowski, Integrated Behavioral Health

Understanding the Employee Assistance Program (EAP):  This presentation covers the EAP/WorkLife benefits accompanied with a website demonstration.
by:  Joe Bosche, Integrated Behavioral Health

Identifying Personal Brand:  To develop a personal brand you need to evaluate your unique skills, strenghts and talents as well as determine who you want to serve, and recognize our unique niche.  This session will help you: 1) Identify your unique personal values; 2) Develop a personal goal and who you want to serve; and 3) How to position your brand in your target market.
by:  Karen Kuczynski, Director of Career and Professional Development