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Give a High Five

The “Give Someone a High Five” staff recognition program is one way ERAC members encourage you to thank your colleagues across campus for their contributions to Lehigh’s overall mission.

How many times has someone helped you with something that made your day a little easier or better and you felt that saying thank you wasn’t quite enough?  Maybe someone stepped in when you were struggling.  Maybe someone brought a smile to your face on an otherwise bad day.  Maybe someone just provided that chance to work through a problem out loud without judgment.   Maybe, you know someone who always goes above and beyond but has not yet received a university-level award.  ERAC members know that there are many ways Lehigh staff members contribute to an overall creative, energetic, productive, caring campus climate.  For ERAC, Staff Matters.  We’re committed to building staff morale one staff member at a time.  By completing the easy form that follows, you can acknowledge fellow staff members’ efforts to make Lehigh a great place to work. 

Upon submission, the form will be logged by ERAC and then sent to the staff member and his/her supervisor.  ERAC may contact the nominator for more information, especially if the nominee deserves to be considered for university-level awards and provide assistance with that process, if necessary.  

Those nominated will be listed on the ERAC website as High Five recipients.  Nothing fancy here.  But, sometimes a quick “Way to go!” goes a long way.

e.g. abc123@lehigh.edu
e.g. abc123@lehigh.edu