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"Staff matters because..."

How many times a day do you interact with a staff member at Lehigh?

The 1200+ staff members at Lehigh are vital to the success of the institution
and have been throughout Lehigh's history over the past 150 years. 

In honor of Lehigh's sesquicentennial,
the Employee Relations Advisory Committee
would like to celebrate staff and their many contributions to the University
by asking the campus community to finish this sentence:

"Staff matters because..."

Think of how the staff improves your day-to-day experience at Lehigh and help ERAC honor their hard work and dedication. 
It will only take a moment, and your appreciation will be shared on the ERAC website as responses are received. 

Responses can be submitted anonymously, if desired.

Be sure to check back to read all of the submissions on why staff matters!