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Committees & Working Groups

Executive Committee
Purpose:  ERAC is strongly committed to a proactive stance in advising the President and Senior Leadership on matters of policy and programs pertaining to employee relations.
Goals:  Maintain open line of communication between all staff on campus through the Vice President of Finance and Administration.
Time commitment:  2-3 hours / month plus additional meeting with Patricia Johnson, Vice President of Finance and Administration 4-6 times per year.
- Elizabeth Miller-Coleman, Chair
- Ellen Liebenow, Vice Chair and Treasurer
- Robin Schenkel, Secretary
- Judy Zavalydriga, Human Resources Representative
- Vacant, Ex-Officio

Bylaws Committee
Mary Jo McNulty
Traci Mindler

Campus Climate/Membership/Awards
Purpose:  Ensure membership meets eligibility requirements according to Bylaws; organize, promote, verify election results; honor one exempt and one non-exempt staff member at Lehigh University who has contributed significantly to the improvement of Lehigh in any or all of the following areas:  continuous improvement of the work environment; possesses extraordinary leadership qualities; demonstrates Lehigh's Core Values; works for Lehigh within the community to create a positive impact for the University.
Goals:  Promote nominations; increase voting participation across campus; reviews and selects one exempt and one non-exempt staff member to receive the award from candidate pool.
Time commitment:  Several meetings over the year; busy time in Spring Semester (January through May); meeting before January to assign tasks would help reduce busy time 4-5 hours.
Looking for:  Skills with Google docs Excel and Forms, communicate with Human Resources and post announcements to various areas to communicate to all levels of staff, organized and proficient in Google drive and Qualtrix.
- Mary Jo McNulty, Chair
- Peter Bryan
- Michael Weaver
- Marlene Vant Hoogt
- Casey Petroski
- Susan Szilagyi
- Cassandra Foy

Communications/Events Committee
Purpose:  ERAC communications for campus community by designing and implementing campus-wide activities (Knowledge@Noon, Iron Pigs game, Phantoms game, event sponsorship, CPR training, etc.)
Goals:  Maintain website and increase traffic; increase High Five participation; identifying topics of interest to wide range of staff; presenting informative, relevant programming; increasing staff participation.
Time commitment:  2-3 hours / month plus additional brainstorming meeting.
Looking for:  Creative input, follow through on projects, coordinating presenters, communication skills.
- Debbie Henritzy, Co-Chair
- Ellen Lewis
- Susan Szilagyi
- Christina Finley, Co-Chair
- Timothy Palumbo

Purpose:  To foster professional relationships and networks among faculty and staff by connecting Lehigh employees with each other and providing opportunities to learn about the University.  Connect ERAC to various units on campus; develop existing partnerships while seeking new opportunities for ERAC to work as "go-to" partner with identified campus departments/programs.
Goals:  To promote REACH to the campus community; to continue to develop self-directed cohorts to determine topics of interest, identify key areas; increase ERAC presence on campus.
Time committment:  Working Group - 4-6 meetings per year to identify activities, programs, events, etc., that would benefit from ERAC's support/input; REACH Sessions each year (Oct. Nov. Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr.) - each session requires planning, communicating, and coordinating through in-person meetings and e-mails.
Looking for:  People skills, ability to think institutionally across various areas, event planning, room scheduling, willingness to contact speakers and coordinate sessions.
- Liz Hill, Co-Chair
- Jennifer Topp, Co-Chair
- Donna Clearie
- Andrea Deimel
_ Chris Ottey
- Jess Manno


Benefits/Health Care Project - Robin Schenkel
CEC Representative - Liz Hill
Faculty/Staff of Color Network (FSCN) - Judy Zavalydriga
Parking Appeals Committee - Traci Mindler and Peter Bryan
Wellness -
Website - Robin Schenkel