Executive Committee

Supervise ERAC and its subcommittees. Members assist with operations, planning, and decision-making. Maintain ERAC website. Also, maintain open communication with the Vice President of Finance and Administration.

Executive Committee Members

Hollie Tran

Chair and Treasurer

Jennifer Helmuth

Vice Chair

Beth Yen


Chris Halladay

Human Resources Ex-Officio

Lisa Collins

Chair Ex-Officio


FSCN and FSPN ex-officio

Campus Engagement/Events

Increase ERAC’s presence on campus. Identify opportunities for ERAC to become involved with campus activities. Includes external activities such as community volunteer opportunities. Responsible for planning and implementing ERAC’s annual community service activity. 

Design and implement staff oriented, campus-wide programs. Also responsible for regularly scheduled events, such as Staff Development Day, Knowledge @ Noon, Staff Appreciation at athletics events such as basketball night, softball games, tailgating for football, etc. and outside special events such as Phantoms/Iron Pigs games.

Campus Engagement Members

Alison O'Connell

Trish Ripka

Scott Burden

Jessica Jackson

Justin Patterson

Monica Guiher

Ricky Houck

Susan Kanarek


Coordinate new membership nomination and selection process as well as the ERAC Distinguished Service Award.

Membership/Awards Members

Cindi Deutsch

Heather Simoneau

Elias Makhoul

Angelo Lambroschino


Responsible for coordinating the REACH cohort and planning the monthly sessions for the cohort members to attend.

REACH Committee Members

Julie Bright

Melissa Howard

Jessica Scott


Responsible for sharing the work of the CEC (Council for Equity & Community) with the ERAC team.

CEC Committee Members

Melissa Blomkvist

Tess Gillespie

Lehigh Strategic Plan

Responsible for sharing the work of the Strategic Plan with the ERAC team.

Lehigh Strategic Plan Committee Members

Pat Mann