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Committees & Working Groups

Executive Committee
Supervise ERAC and its subcommittees. Members assist with operations, planning, and decision-making. Also, maintain open communication with the Vice President of Finance and Administration.
Casey Petroski, Chair
Christine Lake, Vice Chair and Treasurer
Holly Zakos, Secretary
Judy Zavalydriga, Human Resources Ex-Officio
Ellen Liebenow, Ex-Officio

Campus Engagement
Increase ERAC’s presence on campus. Identify opportunities for ERAC to become involved with campus activities. Includes external activities such as community volunteer opportunities. Responsible for planning and implementing ERAC’s annual community service activity
Sheila Alder-Stank
Tierney Gallagher Fallon
Daniel Herrero
Jennifer Mack

Ashley Sciora
Christina Stauffer

Design and implement staff oriented, campus-wide programs. Also responsible for regularly scheduled events, such as Staff Development Day, Knowledge @ Noon, Staff Appreciation at athletics events such as basketball night, softball games, tailgating for football, etc. and outside special events such as Phantoms/Iron Pigs games.
Chris Harvey
Daniele Holland

Caitlin Leidy
Tim Palumbo
Elizabeth Rasich
Brooke Zellers

Coordinate new membership nomination and selection process as well as the ERAC Distinguished Service Award.

Andrea Deimel
Ashley Murphy
Susan Szilagyi

Responsible for coordinating the REACH cohort and planning the monthly sessions for the cohort members to attend.
Alex Japha
Shannon Keefer
Brian Wasserman

CEC Representative - Ashley Sciora
Website Maintenance - Executive Committee