High Five Recipients

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Congratulations to the following staff who were acknowledged by their peers:

February 2018:  Lisa Baker, Athletics Secretary
Acknowledgement:  Lisa is my soar captain, she has been wonderful at making me feel welcomed and comfortable.  She made herself available to me, to have someone to ask questions to and help navigate my first few months at Lehigh.  She always checks in with me and makes me feel like I have a person to rely on at Lehigh.  She is super sweet and helpful.  I really appreciate the time she has taken to make Lehigh feel like a great place to be.
Submitted by:  Ana Quiroz, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Graduate Coordinator

January 2017:  Karen Salvemini, Equal Opportunity Compliance Coordinator/Title IX Coordinator and Brooke DeSipio, Director Gender Violence Education & Support
Acknowledgement:  For the past two years, Karen and Brooke have double-handedly trained significant portions of Lehigh undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff on gender-based violence, harassment, and discrimination reporting, response, and prevention.  Climate surveys indicate a great deal of those constituents know what to do in terms of reporting, and Karen and Brooke are largely responsible for sharing that knowledge.  They work to craft presentations to all constituents and do a great job of responding to any follow-up questions people have after the session.  They seek to infuse reminders into other parts of campus, so that people can remember what to do no matter how long ago they participated in a training.  Karen and Brooke deserve recognition for not just their time and commitment to making Lehigh a safer, healthier campus but also for the passion they put behind their work.  Many thanks!
Submittied by:  Rita Jones, Director, Women's Center

October 2016:  Carla Jenkins-McDonald, CBE Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Acknowledgement:  Carla "Cookie" is such a team player.  She is quick to volunteer to help make the CBE Advising Team run seamlessly.  Her position is crucial for our success.  Most recently, Cookie really came through during a Major Fair that we had on campus.  She knows just about everyone on campus and she knows where to go to get things done.  So I believe there is not one particular thing that Cookie has accomplished, but it is in the day to day that she is a star in my book.  She keeps me on task with gentle reminders to keep me on track.  She is friendly and has a nice way with the students.  So, to point to one specific thing that would be difficult because everyday she gives all that she has to her job.  Cookie is a gem.
Submitted by:  Kimberly Bruno, Academic Advisor

April 2016:  Candace Mill, Registrar's Office Coordinator
Acknowledgement:  Whenever I have a question or problem with a Graduate student's record or paperwork, I know I can count on Candy to help me figure out what to do the best help the student.  Candy is continually helpful and makes my  job easier in so many ways.  Candy is professional, courteous and kind.  Yesterday when I called about a student even though it was not Candy's job she took the time to find the answer and call me back to help a student who wanted to graduate early.  Candy could have simply taken a message, but she took the time to get an answer and I was able to help the student complete all of the paperwork she needed to make May graduation.  She deserves a high five and more!
Submitted by:  MaryAnn Haller, Manager of Graduate Programs

November 2015:  Kim Ketterer, Pride Center Coordinator
Acknowledgement:  Kim has made my first month at Lehigh seamless.  She was always more than willing to answer any questions or help me troubleshoot.  Thank you Kim!
Submitted by:  Jessica Jimenez, Women's Center Coordinator

June 2015:  Scott Miller, Facilities Services - HVAC
Acknowledgement:  Over the top customer service!  I have known Scott since I started at Lehigh and he has always provided top notch customer service, during emergency situations or just routine maintenance.  On June 23rd, a day when the temp outside is expected to reach the 90's, our building's air handler decided to blow out the motor.  I arrived to work at 6:00am, and noticed the unit wasn't working - within a few minutes I could hear someone in the utilities room already looking into the problem.  Within minutes, Scott was standing at my office door telling me what was wrong and that he would do his best to find and replace the unit that day.  I notified everyone in the building of the situation and that Scott was on it - I had no doubt that he would have it done.  At 11:00am the unit was repaired and back up and running and Scott was cleaning up.  Never once did I hear him complain about how hot it was back in the room where they worked, not once did I see them just standing around, always on task, always with a smile and a friendly disposition.  Truly a pleasure to be around.  My hats off to his dedication and commitment.
Submitted by:  Glenn Strause, Director - Printing and Mailing Services

April 2015:  Brenda Bachman, Coordinator for OneCard and Travel
Acknowledgement:  Brenda is the go to guru for OneCard and if I have travel questions she is always super helpful.  Recently I called her because I needed information on renting a car.  I called Brenda not once but 4 times and each time she answered the phone and was not only helpful but cheery.  I appreciated her help and good humor.  The way someone performs their job is not always appreciated, but it does a lot to make my work and day easier.  Brenda has done this for me on many occassions with OneCard questions and travel and deserves a big High Five!
Submitted by:  MaryAnn Haller, Manager - Graduate Programs in CAS

April 2015:  Denise Campion, LTS Computing Consultant
Acknowledgement:  An external event was underway in the Iacocca Hall Dining Room and my sister, a participant in that event was in attendnace.  The microphone was giving horrible feedback and the Powerpoint wouldn't project on the screen so she texted me to ask for help since it seemed that these issues were not able to be addressed by those presenting.  Thankfully Denise was in the Mountaintop LTS office and was able to go up and help them out to resolve the problem.  My sister and many other non-Lehigh people were very grateful that their event was able to proceed, so KUDOS to Denise for her swift response!
Submitted by:  Sherri Yerk-Zwickl, Director - Planning and Administration