The “Give Someone a High Five” staff recognition program is one way ERAC members encourage you to thank your colleagues across campus for their contributions to Lehigh’s overall mission.

How many times has someone helped you with something that made your day a little easier or better and you felt that saying thank you wasn’t quite enough? Maybe someone brought a smile to your face on an otherwise bad day. Maybe you know someone who always goes above and beyond but has not yet received a university-level award. ERAC members know that there are many ways Lehigh staff members contribute to an overall creative, energetic, productive, caring campus climate.    

The purpose of the High Five program is to recognize employees at all levels for their day-to-day effors that contribute in a special way to getting the job done and improving the work environment at Lehigh, making it an awesome place to work. With the High Five recognition program, colleagues may acknowledge and reward employee excellence.

What kinds of things are high five-worthy?
This is up to you! We encourage you to catch Lehigh employees in acts of excellence, big or small, that demonstrate our values in action and positively impact teams, the department, the university, and/or the community.

For ERAC, Staff Matters. We're committed to building morale one staff member at a time.

By completing this simple form, you can acknowledge fellow staff members' efforts to make Lehigh a great place to work. An email will go to the recipient and their supervisor, if they choose.